Monday, January 6, 2014

What Condition 1 Weather in Antarctica Looks Like

We're expecting some pretty bad weather for the next two days here where I am.
Temperatures are going to drop significantly, falling to -25oC at some point.
In Minnesota it's going to reach -50oC, but -25oC is already too much for someone not used to it.

At least the situation isn't going to be like what they face in Antarctica during condition 1 weather.

Condition 1 weather, as I've learnt from Wikipedia, means:
Windspeed over 55 knots (60 mph / 96kmh)
Visibility less than 100 feet (30 meters)
Wind chill below −100 °F (−73 °C)
Description: Dangerous conditions; outside travel is not permitted.
And this is what it looks like. Filmed at McMurdo station, Antarctica.

I'm surprised they're separated from the outside environment by just two pretty normal-looking doors.

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