Friday, January 31, 2014

A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

So, on Sunday, Super Bowl XLVIII will be played between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. That is number 48 for anyone who doesn't know how to count in Roman numerals (which should be about 99% of the US population, and yet for some weird reason that is exactly how they write it every year).

How interesting. Two historyless teams companies franchises, which can relocate at a moment's notice if they smell profit (we've seen it happening in the NBA with teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Hornets Pelicans thanks for proving my point appearing out of nowhere) will battle it out for who will be the winner of this year's four month long season (yes, four month long, September to December, with only a few teams continuing in January, playing a maximum of three games in that month, before two play at the Super Bowl in February). When I asked a colleague why the season is so short, I got the reply that the game takes its toll on players so they can't play more than that. Yes. They play 16 games in 4 months the poor little millionaires. Their fancy helmets and shoulder pads are just decorative it seems.

What's even stupider is that many people can't wait for this spectacle to begin so that they can watch... the advertisements. Each 30-second clip costs 4 million dollars this year.  

I don't really care about this crap.

Regardless, Bad Lip Reading came out of its hibernation recently with a new clip inspired by the NFL. Their previous clip had come out around this time last year. Here they are both. Enjoy.

Apparently, stupid and crappy beards (many of the Amish type) are in fashion with these players. Too many knocks on the head obviously. I'm beginning to believe that it really does take a toll.

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