Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Explained

By "Kristen Stewart".

I was going to post this yesterday, but... I forgot.

So now you know.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

All 253 of Messi's La Liga Goals

In chronological order and with the name of the team he scored against (date and final score would also have been appreciated, but we'll have to do with this).

On Saturday 22nd of November 2014 Lionel Messi broke the La Liga record of 251 goals scored held by Telmo Zarra since 1955. Taking into account that he is only 27, it is safe to say that, as long as he continues to play in Spain, he will break the record almost every week.

Here's hoping the video stays up and is not taken down by stupid copyright claims.

By Year:
1. 2004-05: 1 Goal
2. 2005-06: 6 Goals (7)
3. 2006-07: 14 Goals (21)
4. 2007-08: 10 Goals (31)
5. 2008-09: 23 Goals (54)
6. 2009-10: 34 Goals (88)
7. 2010-11: 31 Goals (119)
8. 2011-12: 50 Goals (169)
9. 2012-13: 46 Goals (215)
10. 2013-14: 28 Goals (243)
11. 2014-15: 10* Goals (253*)

(copied from user sriranjant)


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who Wants To Be A Cheater

I recently came across the story of how, in 2001, three people tried to cheat on the UK version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?". And they would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky kids they hadn't been greedy.

The main character is the player, Charles Ingram, and his accomplices were his wife, and a player in waiting.

Here is how it unfolded from the UK programme "Tonight" split on Youtube in five parts.
It's fascinating and captivating to watch.

Part 1o5

Part 2o5

Part 3o5

Part 4o5

Part 5o5


Saturday, November 15, 2014

GIF Compilation #6 (20 GIFs)

As always, be patient.
Let them load.

Let's start off again with a gif from a movie.

1. Buster Keaton in "The Bell Boy" (1918)

2. Carrefour... sorry, Parkour



4.  Jello bouncing at 6200fps

5. Wave

6. How many arms does this guy have?!


7. How many legs does this moose have?

8. Horse jumps

9. Table shield

10. World's greatest fruit bat gathering in the Congo

11. Clouds over Lincoln, Nebraska

12. New Zealand

It doesn't embed well. Just click and enjoy it here.

(also video, it's at 1:45)

13. French navy ship battles heavy waves

It doesn't embed well. Just click and enjoy it here.

(also video)

14. That's one way to put it out ...


15. Paper airplane...

16. If you look closely there's a kid waving from 11A...

17. Shock diamonds

Looks fake, but it's totally real.

(video) (1:30)

18. Perfectly looped

19. Oh shiiiii....

20. Impressive

(source) (for most of these)

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Shia LaBeouf - The Musical

Shia LaBeouf is one crazy motherf*****.

I've hated him ever since I saw him in the first Transformers movie.
It was already crappy enough without him.

So I was quite surprised that I actually enjoyed this performance based on his person.

Also... so that's how you pronounce LaBeouf...


Friday, November 7, 2014

Too Many Cooks

I'll just leave this here...

From the source: "This aired at 4:00 AM on Adult Swim between infomercials earlier this week, not listed on cable guides or anywhere else."



Sunday, November 2, 2014

Great Footage From Camera Set Under A Moving Train

The guy used one of those... you know... cameras that... you know... go... and then.. they pro.. or something like that.

It's very interesting how the tracks take the pressure and how that wooden beam just goes up and down.

Go to 0:53 if you can't be bothered to see the build-up. 

According to some of the comments from the source, the 75mph (120km/h) claim is probably wrong and it is 70mph (112km/h) at best.


Mount Ontake Volcanic Eruption Footage

Nowadays, with practically everyone having a camera in their pocket we can record natural phenomena of which we only had descriptions in the past.

Recently, I posted amazing footage of Mount Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea erupting (fortunately recorded from a safe distance).

Below, amazing footage from Japan from the recent eruption of Mount Ontake on the 27th of September 2014. The ash cloud is seen heading towards hikers.

The person filming this was not harmed as he was further away from the point of eruption and hopefully he and his co-hikers won't have breathing issues in the future because of this.

From Wikipedia:

"There were no significant earthquakes that might have warned authorities in the lead up to the phreatic eruption - caused by ground water flashing to steam in a hydrothermal explosion. The mountain is a popular tourist attraction for hikers, being considered good for beginner climbers and relatively safe, and the weather was also good, so there were several hundred people on its slopes at the time."

Unfortunately, 57 people have been confirmed dead due to the eruption.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Whites Only Laundry

It says that this was published in January 2013, but I have the feeling I first saw it a long long time ago.
I'm probably mistaken.

Whatever the case, I believe I can rightfully label it a classic.