Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mount Ontake Volcanic Eruption Footage

Nowadays, with practically everyone having a camera in their pocket we can record natural phenomena of which we only had descriptions in the past.

Recently, I posted amazing footage of Mount Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea erupting (fortunately recorded from a safe distance).

Below, amazing footage from Japan from the recent eruption of Mount Ontake on the 27th of September 2014. The ash cloud is seen heading towards hikers.

The person filming this was not harmed as he was further away from the point of eruption and hopefully he and his co-hikers won't have breathing issues in the future because of this.

From Wikipedia:

"There were no significant earthquakes that might have warned authorities in the lead up to the phreatic eruption - caused by ground water flashing to steam in a hydrothermal explosion. The mountain is a popular tourist attraction for hikers, being considered good for beginner climbers and relatively safe, and the weather was also good, so there were several hundred people on its slopes at the time."

Unfortunately, 57 people have been confirmed dead due to the eruption.

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