Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oddly Satisfying Video Game Racing at 60fps

I am not exactly certain as to which game this is (if it is a game).

In any case, the way I understand it, this guy drove a (rendered obviously) Koenigsegg Agera around the track approximately 1000 times and recorded each one. He tried to go as fast as possible and as a result many cars were lost. He then combined them all together in this rather satisfying 60fps clip.

Or in his words:

"Rendered with highest quality in 60, 120 and 240 fps with 25x antialias and 25x DoF so i hope you like this :) (whole video is in 60 fps)Its little different from normal k-projects, its a easy trail map. I like to see the cars "spread" so i saved almost every replay that went overboard. i dont know how many cars that accually finished the map maybe 100? :DFastest time is 1:04:33 i drove with all cars showing (up to 700, then it started to bug and the cars i saved started before the other cars, so i hade to remove these..) 150 closest cars showing when i drove, so i could fill in where it needed) and i allways tried to drive fast thats why many cars went overboard, its kinda hard to see the car amongst so many.Big thanks to the koenigsegg creator sweden power ftw! :D"


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