Saturday, August 16, 2014

Humans Need Not Apply

Youtube know-it-all C.G.P. Grey

(just kidding, his videos are informative and well-researched)

discusses, in his newest video, the future of human labour, in light of the rapid advancement of technology (informatics and robotics in particular) that threatens to extinguish a wide array of jobs, without at the same time creating enough new ones.

Immense food for thought.

Let's hope that at least some of the people elected to govern have began devising 99%-friendly plans for the major social changes that are coming.

There will surely be centers of power which will attempt to sustain the status quo, but how will the capitalist/consumerist model be able to continue existing when a huge percentage of the population won't be earning wages that would allow them to spend?

Unless everyone (regardless of their employment status) is provided a basic income that would allow them to at least survive and why not, do even more...

Technology itself (e.g. cheap, abundant, clean energy - cheap 3D printers capable of reproducing almost anything - etc.) might (and hopefully will) solve many of the upcoming problems.

Also, with all this advancement of computers and robots, let's hope Skynet doesn't become self-aware. But if it does, let's hope it likes us.


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