Sunday, March 2, 2014

Game Show "Deal or No Deal" Lasts Less Than A Minute

Yap. The real duration of "Deal or No Deal" without all the crap...

(such as false suspense, stupid ramblings of the presenter in order to stall, cretin player trying to explain why he chose something which is inherently random) less than a minute.

I hate these games. They're not educational. You don't learn anything new. They don't test you as a viewer. They just drag on and on and on... Plus, the players that go on them have a minimal chance of winning anything life changing. In contrast to the creators and the channel hosting it, who make a significant profit from each and every episode.

They've stopped making this totally random, idiotic game, right? RIGHT?!
Actually no. According to Wikipedia there are countries where new seasons were still being made as of 2013 (poor Estonia and Turkey). 

Don't worry though, Endemol (Dutch-Italian company, creators of this, Big Brother and many, many others) will devise something new to kill our brain cells with.


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