Monday, July 27, 2015

"Look At Me Son, I'm Talking To You"

This police lieutenant from Louisiana is the most stereotypical American thing I've seen in a very long while. My Europeanness just cringed, pissed herself and hid under the bed.

"Watch, as a man commits his crime"
(I was expecting a Valar Morghulis at some point there)

So many things to comment on:
The DNA on a rock,
the hardworking and generous Stellys,
the sheriff being a fan of Stelly's,
the cheeseburger with coke and fries he'll have afterwards,
the nice tip he'll give to the waitress,
the fact that he knows nobody likes the perp.

Is he for real? Is he a cartoon? Did he come out of a movie or something?

He really makes me want to give myself up, but I haven't done anything.


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