Sunday, May 31, 2015

Drone Company's Ad Is Ridiculous

Don't get me wrong.
I like drones (until they become sentient and starting hunting us all down).
I am a proud owner of one myself, but this ad by drone maker DJI is utterly ridiculous.
(I don't own a DJI one by the way). 

And it's ridiculous because it doesn't take into account:

1) the noise drones make (no wonder these fantastic drone shot videos you find on Youtube are always dubbed with music),
2) their mass,
3) the danger from the rotating blades if you get too close, and
4) the maneuverability in a closed space (the lack thereof, as it is pretty limited unless you're a super expert).

Here's a more realistic version:

And here's the last portion of the realistic version.
It is well worth enjoying on its own.


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