Sunday, February 1, 2015

Going With The Flow

Guillaume Néry is a French freediver (underwater diving which relies on the diver holding his/her breath) who has been the world record holder multiple times, ultimately reaching -117m during a dive near Kalamata, Greece.

In case you're interested in knowing, the current records for constant weight apnea (like what Néry is practicing) is set at -128m, while the record for no-limits apnea (where they stand still and use a weight to take them down, and then an inflatable bag to bring them back up) is set at -214m! (source)

Here he is freely riding the current.

I'm amazed by how long he can hold his breath (yes, this might have taken multiple takes, but still very impressive).

When I go to use the restroom at work, sometimes there is this unimaginable stink from people doing number twos (seriously, what do these people eat, and why don't they go at home?), and I try to hold my breath as best as I can. Well, the best that I can seems to be only 20sec. Freedivers of this guy's caliber easily reach the 3min mark, and many can go beyond 5min, while swimming at the same time. Simply amazing.

Here's another great film featuring him, and based on the hallucinations he sometimes gets when diving:


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