Saturday, January 12, 2013

"The Dark Knight Rises" Destroyed

I watched this movie recently during a long hour flight. I had seen "Batman Begins" (mediocre) and "The Dark Knight" (very good) in the past, so I was just hoping for some light entertainment, but this movie was an insult to my intelligence. As was "Inception", the most overrated movie in the history of time, which was also directed by Christopher Nolan. Coincidence? To be fair though, "Memento" was exceptional.

On IMDB, "The Dark Knight Rises" has a grade of 8.7/10 with 45.6% of voters giving it 10/10.
This means that roughly one in two people who watch this movie think it's sheer perfection.
Oh. The humanity.

Getting back to our subject, watch below as ScreenJunkies and CinemaSins trash this botched ending to the trilogy.

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