Monday, December 3, 2012

15 Hand-Picked 5-Second Films

I'm a bit of a fan of 5-second films
So, it's no surprise that they've been featured in this blog before (here and here). 
Their films consist of 2-second intro - 5 seconds of film - 1-second outro.
They don't always hit the mark, but below are fifteen 5-second films that I believe do.
Hmmm, despite them being fifteen, this should only take 2-3 minutes of your time. 

1. Water

2. Planking

3. Metal Detector

4. Late For Work

5. Magnum π

6. Photographic Memory

7. Mr. Forgetful

8. Unbeatable

9. My Almost Psychic Friend

10. Riddled With Kisses

11. The New Neighbour's Sound Check

12. Captain's Order

13. Death Ray From Space

14. New Voting Method

15. Ways to Say No (And Still Be Cool)

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-G- said...

you got a pen? Write this down, NO!!!
The kid looks cool anyway! :)

Good collection there D.