Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pitbull Warms to Prospect of Visiting Alaska

Walmart set up a contest whereupon the rapper Pitbull would visit the Walmart store that would get the most "likes" on Facebook. What they hadn't anticipated was that a writer for a Boston newspaper would suggest that people send Pitbull to the most isolated Walmart out there, the Walmart at Kodiak, Alaska and that this idea would go viral. As a result, the Walmart at Kodiak easily got the most "likes". Being a good sport, Pitbull did in fact visit it, albeit only for a few hours and without performing (source ABC).

Here is the Key of Awesome's take on how Pitbull accepted the fact that he was going to Alaska.


(there are of course no penguins in Alaska, but somehow I think that was on purpose...)

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